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I can take the guess work
out of framing...
No more surprises!

No more second guessing, no more wondering "what will my art really look like when it's finally framed?

Of course I offer complete framing services, but I also offer my Free Virtual Framing Service which allows you to preview any image framed with any of my frame mouldings and mats.  Change the frame, mat color, mat width, multiple mats and openings, etc., all digitally created and able to be printed or emailed.  I can even add the wall color so you can really see how the piece will coordinate with your color scheme!


Not sure how the piece will look when it's finally on the wall?

Would you like to see how the piece fits with your decor before committing?

My Free Virtual Preview Service allows you to do just that.

Send me a digital image of your space and I'll take you virtual framed image and "hang" on your wall!  No cost or obligation.
Perfect for sharing your ideas with your family or friends.

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